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My Young Living Story…

A little over two years ago, I began my part-time career as a massage therapist and yoga teacher.  I was looking for a bigger opportunity to help more people.  I needed an opportunity to allow me to be in my home each day to care for my family and homeschool my daughter as well as  increase my income.  My dear friend, Alina Piccone, now a Gold level distributor with the company, introduced me to the oils and the business of network marketing.

What initially attracted me to the business was the potential to help empower more people to help themselves in the way of health and finances.  In turn, Young Living has helped my family with the wellness, time freedom and financial stability we deserve.  In very part time hours, I have been able to supplement my massage and teaching income.  And with my growing business, I’m right on track to double that income within the next few months.  The business of Young Living is providing me with the purpose of helping others without having to work a full-time job away from my family.

In network marketing, you work FOR yourself, not by yourself!

Join Team Envision!

Each of us network market EVERYDAY!  Most of us just don’t get paid to ‘do it’.  When was the last time you got paid when you recommended a good book or your favorite restaurant?  When you share the oils of Young Living by telling your story, YOU GET PAID!  And you don’t get paid for just the people you share with, you get paid for each person they share with!  So you pay it forward and receive the gift of what is called residual income (income that is generated whether you get out of the bed or not!)  It takes time to build a strong foundation in network marketing.  This is NOT a get rich quick business OR a Pyramid Scheme.  On average, it takes just 4 years to build a network that produces a large income.  A VERY large income!



As you begin the process of learning the business, I will be encouraging you to read books about Network Marketing.  LEADERS ARE READERS!  These three books helped me understand the business AND the action steps it takes to build the business.









If this is something that resonates with you, click here to learn about the Young Living Business.


If starting a business is NOT on your agenda, I would love to help you navigate the world of oils and oil enhanced products.  Click here if you would like to learn more!  Young Living Oils

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