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Jessica Rains recently retired from Massage Therapy and Reflexology and is now spending more time with her growing family, educating the community about all the gifts that nature provides through the power of therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living and building a strong group of dedicated team members in her Young Living Home-Based Business.

She received her BFA in Dance from Wright State University in Ohio and Associates in Health Sciences from Swedish Institute in New York City.  While at Swedish Institute, she specialized in Eastern modalities such as Shiatsu and Reflexology.  She has held National Certification in Reflexology with The American Reflexology Certification Board since 2004.  While living in NYC, she worked at OM Yoga Center with Cyndi Lee and studied many forms of yoga throughout the city.

Jessica lives in Guntersville, AL with her family growing organic vegetables, spending time on the lake, traveling the South East and beyond and homeschooling one amazing kid, her daughter Tallulah.


My Life’s Mission Statement

My life’s mission is to walk in cooperation with the creator of the universe and to help others align with their divine nature. I am committed to accessing the wisdom within by utilizing meditation, visualization, declaration, inspiration and manifestation, which helps others believe in their highest potential for wellbeing.